St Mary and St Chad’s War Memorial

The St Mary and St Chad’s War Memorial was erected in 1921. It is a Calvary cross built from Portland stone with a carving of St George and the Dragon on the stem. The following men are commemorated on it:

Asprey, Bernard Noel

Read Bernard’s story.

Beech, G

Bentley, P

Bickley, E E

Bill, J

Bradbury, H

Bradley, P

Bridgwater, G H

Caunter, R L

Cluett, E T

Davies, G H

Donlan, E J

Farmer, A

Green, W H

Haycock, W

Haynes, G

Kerry, A

Lewis, A

Lewis, E A

Moorhouse, A

Moorhouse, C

Newman, G

Nichols, W

Parkes, G

Pearce, G W

Perrin, R G

Sargean, S

Slaney, C

Smith, L C

Stones, J J

Till, T

Wakelam, C

Wall, T

Ward, W H

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